Writers occupy an important and essential place in society: recording our times, explaining issues, helping us understand people unlike ourselves, and illuminating the human spirit. When you support the Authors Guild Foundation and the writers it serves, you make it possible for more works of literature to come to light and increase the store of human knowledge.

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Your gift will support our advocacy for authors and our efforts to maintain a sustainable publishing ecosystem at a time when authors’ rights, copyrights, free expression, and creative content are being challenged on many fronts.

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It’s quick and simple to make a donation online. Your gift will immediately be put to good use advocating for writers with publishers, in the courts, and with the public, and providing writers with the business knowledge to be successful in a changing publishing world. You can also send a check to the address at the bottom of this page or make a gift of stock.* Supporting donors provide an ongoing source of income to make all the programs of the Authors Guild Foundation possible.

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When you let us know that you have decided to remember the Authors Guild Foundation in your will, you become a member of the Authors Legacy Society, whose members receive acknowledgement in the Bulletin. A number of writers have made substantial gifts to the Authors Guild Foundation through their wills, either through a specific bequest amount or by bequeathing the rights to their works. *

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