The Authors Registry, one of the Guild’s sister organizations, distributes royalties to U.S. authors for foreign, non-sales-related uses of their works, such as university photocopying in the U.K. and library lending in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1995 by the Guild and a group of U.S. author organizations, including The American Society of Journalists & Authors, the Dramatists Guild, and the Association of Authors’ Representatives.

The Registry typically pays over $2 million per year to around 7,000 authors. Since its founding, the Registry has distributed over $40,000,000 to authors in the U.S. And they may have money for you.

When the Registry receives royalties for a U.S. author from one of its overseas partners, its first job is to contact that author and sign them up (this includes a registration form or two and a W-9). Once an author is registered, they’ll continue to be sent royalties as the Registry receives them. So if you receive a notice from the Registry that they have royalties for you, be sure to send in your paperwork.

As former Authors Guild president James Gleick put it: “Surprise! You’ve got money!”