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Educational Series

We offer educational seminars on all aspects of the business of being an author and the book ecosystem, providing practical advice on a broad range of topics. Recent topics include school visits, audiobooks, and legal vetting of your manuscript.


Marketing and Publicity for Writers

School Visits: Booking, Planning, and Navigating a Timely Revenue Stream
A panel of renowned authors and illustrators will discuss how they connect with schools, teachers, libraries, and media specialists as well as the going rates for author visits and the details of negotiating terms and book sales. 

Book Club Strategies for Authors
Join author Amy Stewart for a conversation about working with both online and in-person book clubs. Amy is the author of six nonfiction books and six novels, and she has held more than 250 book club chats over Skype. In this webinar, we’ll talk about outreach strategies, working with publishers on investing in book club promotion, and ways for authors to manage book club requests.

Create Your Own Book Video - Q&A
Author Amy Stewart is offering a free online class about creating your own book videos. Watch that class now on YouTube and then watch our Q&A session as Amy answers questions about the class. As Amy says, "the technology is so easy that anyone with an iPad or other tablet or smartphone can shoot a high-quality video, add photos or video footage, make simple edits, and publish to online platforms.”

Four Strategies to Gain Early Reviews (and Build Buzz!)
Early reviews for an upcoming release serve a number of purposes, from giving your book “street cred”, to building buzz, to helping readers identify if it’s the right read for them. But gaining early reviews can be challenging for both debut and established authors. In this session, we’ll go over four strategies to gain early reviews—with specific, actionable steps—and look at a case study of how those strategies panned out when put into practice. Whether you’re an indie author or taking the traditional publishing route, planning for early reviews will be an integral part of a successful release. Panelist: Intisar Khanani

Attract More Readers and Sell More Books: How to Promote Your Own Book (Without Feeling Sleazy)
You’ve published, or you’re about to publish, a book. Now what? Like it or not, an author’s job isn’t done once the book releases, so let’s look at how to promote a new release or put life back into a book that’s been out for a while. Using some basic principles of marketing, we’ll look at how to craft a marketing plan that raises awareness and makes the sale, based on your own unique strengths and audience. We’ll talk about how to use (and when to ignore) traditional and popular marketing tools like press releases, giveaways, events, advertising, contests, reviews, awards, and more. Plus, we’ll highlight a few counter-intuitive and unusual marketing strategies that really work. Whether you're traditional or self-publishing, you’ll walk away with new ideas and a framework to wrap them around. Panelist: Beth Jusino.

Long-Term Marketing Strategies for Authors
Like it or not, marketing is part of every modern author’s job description. This class takes a practical, personal approach to the oft-discussed but misunderstood "author platform," and explores targeted ways for writers to promote a new release or put life back in a book that’s been out for a while.

Manuscript to Marketplace: Halsey Street (video)
Naima Coster in Conversation with Vivian Lee. Moderated by Jennifer Baker. In this panel presented by the Authors Guild Foundation at the Queens Library, Coster, Lee, and Baker discuss the process of creating and publishing their books, revealing how their manuscripts made it to the marketplace. The authors candidly share their experiences regarding publicity, social media, working with agents and editors, and more. From Manuscript to Marketplace is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.

Building Your Email List (video)
Let’s say your first book in a series sells 50,000 copies. How are those readers going to know when you release the second book? That’s what a mailing list is for. Reach out directly to your readers and keep them up to date on all of your important news. And while social media can be great, nothing beats a mailing list when it comes to marketing. And the best thing is: once your list is correctly set up, it can do most of the marketing on autopilot. In this webinar, Reedsy’s co-founder Ricardo Fayet will show you how to set up your mailing list and turn it into an automated marketing machine.

Facebook Ads for Authors (video coming soon)
Over the last few years, Facebook ads have emerged as one of the very best avenues to market a book. Facebook’s laser-targeting capabilities allow authors and publishers to reach even the smallest niche audiences. And the best part: you don’t need more than a few dollars every day to get started (and see early results). In this webinar, Reedsy co-founder Ricardo Fayet will spill his Facebook ad secrets (spoiler: he’s writing a book on the topic right now!). Whether you’re a self-published author looking to ramp up your advertising activities, or a traditionally published author looking to supplement your publisher’s efforts, this webinar will leave you with all the tools you need to set up an effective Facebook ad campaign. Presenter: Ricardo Fayet is one of the founders and the Chief Marketing Officer at Reedsy. A digital marketing enthusiast, he’s currently writing a book to help authors manage Facebook ads more efficiently. He’s also the author of several online courses on marketing as part of Reedsy Learning.

Create Engaging School Visits (video)
For many authors and illustrators, the idea of visiting schools to give talks and presentations is overwhelming or even scary. You spend your days alone with your ideas, so how do you translate that into a school visit? How do you engage students and also make the adults who hired you happy? Author Michelle Cusolito will provide practical ideas for planning and running an engaging school or library program that also meets the needs of teachers and librarians. She’ll start by giving a quick overview of Common Core standards to help you see how your work dovetails with the standards. Then she’ll move into practical, real-world examples of successful programs that were designed to suit the style of the individual author. She’ll also offer tips for selling books, setting reasonable fees, and running Skype visits.

Is Paid Advertising on Social Media Worth Your Time? (video)
In this webinar, we will explore the differences between organic and paid social media marketing; the various types of paid social media on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; the pros and cons of social advertising; how to spend a social media budget; and, most importantly, how to optimize your campaigns to ensure the most engagement for your investment. We will also investigate what you should do before jumping into paid advertising, what types of goals and key performance indicators you should set, and how to segment your audience for better ad targeting. Webinar presenter: Justin Alvarez

How to Make Twitter Work for You (video)
Sarah Brumble, social media expert, presents tips and tricks on how to effectively use Twitter to promote your work. This seminar is geared to all authors, whether you’re new to the platform or an experienced user. Sarah has served as a social media consultant for many different types of media and arts businesses, including Atlas Obscura, music venues, and educational institutions.

How to Promote Your Book Using Social Media (video)
Chris Syme, founder of CKSyme Media Group and author of the upcoming book SMART Social Media for Authors, presents simple, effective strategies for authors looking to promote their work via social media, with a special focus on Facebook. Learn how to make strong marketing decisions that produce results based on your time, resources, and skill level.

members onlyThe Digital Age Author: Best Practices in Marketing, Promotion, and Reader Engagement Webinar Series

In this six-session webinar series, publishing consultant Jane Friedman will teach you the principles and techniques for building your author platform—particularly online—and publishing and promoting your own work, whether traditionally or self-published, using the many new tools and platforms now available to writers. The first sessions will cover the foundational strategies that govern author platforms, with nuts-and-bolts discussions of author websites, blogs, email newsletters, and social media. The last two sessions will look at the self-publishing landscape and what it takes to market and promote work in a predominantly online environment, regardless of how you publish.

members onlyIn this series:

Establishing and Growing Your Author Platform (video)

Best Practices for Author Websites and Blogs (video)

Email Marketing 101 for Writers (video)

Social Media for Authors: How to Make It Worth Your Time (video)

The Basics of Marketing and Promoting Your Work Online (video)

members onlyChildren’s Book Group Roundtable on School Visits (audio)
Children’s book author and Authors Guild council member Rachel Vail led a roundtable discussion on school visits. Topics included what to expect, tips for a successful visit, and more.

Book Contracts, Copyright, and Other Legal Issues

members only Legal Vetting: Pre-Publication Review of Manuscripts
The importance of pre-publication legal review of your manuscript cannot be overstated. In this one-hour seminar, Carolyn Schurr Levin, a New York City attorney who specializes in pre-publication legal review of content and editorial risk management, will discuss what the legal vetting process entails, what to expect, and why it’s worthwhile.

Estate Planning for Authors
Estate planning, providing for loved ones and distributing money and property according to one’s wishes when he or she one day passes away, is important for all adults. Authors, however, have additional interests to consider, including directing how their books and other creative property will be handled after their death. In this webinar, attorney Edward M. McCoyd will discuss wills, trusts, and other estate planning vehicles, like appointing a “literary executor” or “literary trustee” to manage the copyrights in the author’s estate,providing for the administration of websites, social media pages, and other digital assets, exercising of statutory rights to terminate copyright grants after an author’s death, and the potential role organizations like the Authors Guild play in managing an author’s literary legacy. Panelist: Ed McCoyd

The CASE Act and Why It Matters to Authors (video)
Authors Guild Executive Director and copyright expert Mary Rasenberger will present a webinar explaining the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement Act, better known as the “CASE” Act. In addition to describing the provisions of the Bill, this webinar will explore the history and purpose of the CASE Act and its potential impact on authors. The CASE Act has already been passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and is expected to come up for a vote by the full Congress this fall, so if you have questions about what the bill could mean to you.

Book Contracts 101 (video)
Authors Guild Director of Legal Services Michael Gross will guide you through the basics of a traditional publishing contract, focusing on critical provisions to include and perils to avoid.

Legal Issues When Writing about Real People (video)
Recently there has been an upsurge of cases attempting to limit the use, without consent or compensation, of a celebrity's name, picture or story in creative works. While the recent cases have involved TV films and videogames, the statutes and the decisions of the courts will apply to all creative works, including fiction and non-fiction, books, plays, movies, etc. What does all this mean for authors’ ability to write about real people in either fiction or nonfiction? What do authors need to be wary of when writing about real people? Does it matter if they are deceased?

Changing Tides: Novel Approaches to Combating Digital Piracy
Piracy has always been a cat-and-mouse game. But with the rapid pace of technological changes in the publishing ecosystem, such as the emergence of new digital formats and business models, it is becoming increasingly difficult for authors and publishers to respond quickly—and effectively—to stop the circulation of pirated books. In this webinar we will discuss some of the new methods that book pirates and counterfeiters are using to produce and disseminate pirated books. We will also look at the novel strategies used by some authors to curb piracy, and discuss ways that authors can limit the availability of pirated copies of their books on the internet. Presenters: Sarina Bowen, Umair, Kazi, and Cheryl Davis.

Writers Collaborating: Sometimes It Gets Complicated (video)
While writing is often described as a solitary and lonely endeavor, there have been many famous collaborations in literary history, from the Brothers Grimm to Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett to Stephen King and Peter Straub. As modes of communication become faster and easier, collaboration in writing has increased significantly. However, even the greatest teams can fall apart. Both personal and professional conflicts can arise, often unforeseen, and sometimes unsolvable. With that in mind, this webinar will discuss various co-writer arrangements and the salient terms to address contractually.

A Writer’s Guide to the New Publishing Ecosystem Webinar Series
In this webinar series, in partnership with the Copyright Clearance Center, the Authors Guild will draw on its 100+ year history as the nation’s leading advocate for authors’ rights, as well as its extensive network of contacts within the publishing industry and in the legal and business communities, to present a series of ten webinars with the goal of ensuring that our nation’s authors—new and established, young and old alike—are positioned to thrive in today’s digital economy, so that our society as a whole can reap the benefits of a thriving and diverse literary culture into the next generation and beyond.

In this series:

What Is Defamation? Legal Issues and Insurance Protection for Authors (video)

International Copyright Law (video)

Free Speech Under Fire? A Survey of Contemporary First Amendment Issues (video)

The Planning and Management of Literary Estates (video)

The Future of Fair Use (video)

AWP 2017 Panel: Maximizing Your Value as an Author: Rights Exploitation and Developing Digital Markets (audio)
New technologies and business models have provided authors with new ways to distribute and repurpose their books—if they have the rights. The legal and publishing experts on this panel will survey the myriad options now available for maximizing rights exploitation, including self-publishing, audio services, ebook and POD back-in-print programs, and more. The panel will also explore the importance of retaining rights and explain how to reclaim rights to out-of-print works.

Monetizing Your Content (video)
This webinar explores the importance of retaining rights, and provides practical guidance on what rights to retain and how to reclaim rights to out-of-print works. But owning the rights is only the first step. The webinar also surveys the options available to authors for maximizing rights exploitation, including new audio formats, direct-to-library lending options, back-in-print programs, self-publishing, print-on-demand options, and more.

Negotiating Rights: What to Know Before You Sign (video)
This webinar will arm authors working with or without an agent with the knowledge and negotiating skills to get the most out of their book deals before, during, and after signing, focusing on critical provisions, perils to avoid, and what needs to change in many standard publishing agreements to bring them into the 21st century.

Registering Your Copyright (video)
This webinar will provide authors with everything they need to know to register their works, whether in print or electronic form, with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Copyright 101 (video)
This webinar will explore the basics of how copyright works to benefit both individual authors and our society at large. It will then teach participants about the changes the law has undergone in the digital age, touching on issues such as fair use, remedies for online piracy, and more

members onlyThe State of the Book Business in the U.S. and Abroad: A Trans-Atlantic View (audio)
Panel discussion exploring the international movement for fair book contracts set in motion by the Authors Guild’s Fair Contract Initiative.

From the Archives: The Role of Author's League in Copyright Legislation
Copyright- Office-a view from the other side. The role of the Author's League (now Author's Guild) in copyright litigation and legislation, December 15, 1987. Speaker: Irwin Karp

The Writing Life

Audiobooks: Tips & Resources to Access a Fast-Growing Market
Author and voice actor Randye Kaye will walk us through the process of turning your book into an audiobook to reach a wider audience and unlock another stream of income.

The Death of the Artist
A lively and urgent discussion with author William Deresiewicz about his latest book, The Death of the Artist: How Creators Are Struggling to Survive in the Age of Billionaires and Big Tech, in conversation with authors Josie Brown, Min Jin Lee, and Roxana Robinson. This event examines the pressing issues facing authors, our work, and our livelihoods.

From Manuscript to Marketplace - Fall 2020
Designed with an audience of fellow writers in mind, From Manuscript to Marketplace offers candid conversations about the current realities of publicity, social media, virtual events, working with agents and editors, and more. This year, we will also examine the rise of virtual events and unique marketing strategies. 

Silvia Moreno-Garcia in conversation with Ashleigh Heaton, Julie Leung, and Eddie Schneider

Jasmine Guillory in conversation with Cindy Hwang and Holly Root

Aimee Liu in conversation with Megan Beatie, Dr. Kate Gale, and Fauzia Burke

Stephen Graham Jones in conversation with Joe Monti, Lauren Jackson, and BJ Robbins

Zaina Arafat in conversation with Michelle Brower and Carla Bruce-Eddings

Emma Copley Eisenberg in conversation with Paul Whitlach

members onlyBuilding Community (Part III of Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing)
The third part of the series, Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing, focuses on how creators, the publishing industry and book loving-community can disrupt racism and make a difference. We received more than a hundred questions over the past two webinars. We devote this session to answering as many as we can and continuing the conversation: How can we center Black creators and create change that endures?

members onlyCentering Black Creators (Part II of Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing)
Centering Black Creators, the second part of the series Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing, explores the journeys of Black authors and illustrators. What are institutional barriers to success? How can the industry disrupt racism and support Black creators? How can Black creators advocate and advance? Join us for a conversation and leave with valuable tips and information about our initiative to help support Black authors.

members onlyBlack Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing
From agenting to editing, from sales to marketing, less than five percent of publishing professionals are Black, according to the results of the most recent Lee & Low diversity graphic on Black representation in the publishing industry. How does institutional exclusion and racism impact the success of books by Black authors and the trajectory of Black creators? In this panel, industry experts offer insights, share experiences and concerns, and suggest ways to create change.

Celebrating Literary Icons: Margaret Atwood & Judy Blume
In this time of crisis, we are proud to honor two authors who have prevailed against censorship, fought for the literary community, and demonstrated the power of a great book. Each in her own unique way, Margaret Atwood and Judy Blume have transformed the way we see books and the way we see ourselves. Award-winning author Andrea Davis Pinkney moderated the discussion with Margaret and Judy, with appearances by special guests.

The Art of the Adaptation
You want to adapt your novel, your play into a screenplay. Novelist and screenwriter Richard Vetere and Authors Guild general counsel Cheryl Davis answer the important questions you need to know about adapting your work for the screen. Does your contract with your publisher allow you to do it? If so, how do you approach the adaptation process? What creative questions should you ask yourself first? What characters do you keep, which do you lose? What locations should be in the movie? Can you create new characters, new events? If you’re writing a series of books, can you then use those new characters in the series? If you work with another writer, what are your rights in the screenplay? There is an art to adaptation, as well as the business of making sure your rights are protected. Panelists: Richard Vetere and Cheryl Davis

From Manuscript to Marketplace: Spiritual Choreographies
Carlos Labbé in Conversation with Chad W. Post and Will Vanderhyden

Authors and members of their publishing teams will discuss the process of creating and publishing their books, revealing how their manuscripts made it to the marketplace. The authors of the books and industry professionals who worked on them will candidly share their experiences regarding publicity, social media, working with agents and editors, and more.

Thinking Out Loud: From Page to Screen: Richard Russo and Guests (video)
Richard Russo—whose novels Nobody’s Fool and Empire Falls were adapted for the screen—is joined by three fiction writers who have straddled both the book and film worlds to discuss the process of adapting one’s own works as well as collaborating on original screenplays.

Who Owns the Word? Part 2: Book Publishing (video)
The second panel in our partnership with the New York Public Library. Richard Russo, Kurt Andersen, Alexander Chee, Madeline McIntosh, and TJ Stiles examine the perils and possibilities for writers of fiction in the digital age—and the role institutions and corporations can play in sustaining the freedoms of expression on which a democratic society rests.

Who Owns the Word? Part 1: The Future of Authorship in Journalism (video)
Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Russo moderates this Authors Guild public forum in partnership with the NYPL. Who Owns the Word? is a three-part series that explores the impact that declining wages for full-time book authors, journalists, and television and screenwriters and questions regarding content ownership, copyright laws, censorship, and quality control have on the future of American culture and intellectual discourse.

Writers on the Brink: The Current Economics of Authorship (transcription)
The panel focused on the economic challenges that authors face regarding the long-term viability of book authorship in today’s publishing climate and what it means for the authors of tomorrow. The discussion opened with a presentation of the latest survey results on authors’ incomes in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.

Unlocking the Treasure Chest: The Library of Congress Online and In Person (video)
Join the Library of Congress reference librarians to learn the best starting points, search strategies, and tips for using the Library's vast resources.

As a highlight of the webinar, prize-winning author and co-founder of Biographers International Organization James McGrath Morris will be interviewed by Jeffrey Flannery, head of the Library’s Manuscript Reading Room. They’ll explore manuscript collections, rare newspapers, photographs, and other treasures Mr. Morris has used in-person at the Library for his fascinating books on Joseph Pulitzer, Ethel Payne, and other wide-ranging topics. Learn why Mr. Morris’s “heart beats a little faster” as he approaches the Library in anticipation of the riches he will find.

Introducing loc.gov: Orientation and Research Strategies (video)
Peter Armenti, a Digital Reference Specialist in the Researcher and Reference Services Division of the Library, provides you with a key to unlocking the Library’s online treasure chest.  Learn the best starting points, search strategies, and tricks for placing the Library's vast digital collections—photographs, maps, sound recordings, films, books and historical documents, and so much more—at your fingertips.

Managing Your Finances

Money Matters: The Road to Financial Literacy
An ongoing series this spring and summer, Money Matters: The Road to Financial Literacy is dedicated explicitly to financial matters as they concern book authors, journalists, and freelance writers. Each session will cover a topic such as understanding royalty statements, forming entities, managing literary estates, freelancer finances, alternative sources of income, what authors can expect to pay for during a book release, and more.

Tax Tips for Authors 2021
Have questions about managing your taxes for your writing business?  In this seminar, Robert Pesce, a partner at Marcum Group LLP covers topics including federal tax updates, record keeping to maximize your business deductions, and more.

Coronavirus Relief Programs for Authors and Freelancers
A discussion of how authors and freelancers can benefit from the government relief programs for economic assistance during the coronavirus crisis. We will cover qualification criteria for unemployment compensation (including those for independent contractors), loan terms, and information to help you navigate the process.

Participants: Mary Rasenberger (Executive Director, the Authors Guild), Umair Kazi (Director of Policy & Advocacy, the Authors Guild), and Robert Pesce (Partner, Marcum LLP)

Estate Planning for Authors
Estate planning, providing for loved ones and distributing money and property according to one’s wishes when he or she one day passes away, is important for all adults. Authors, however, have additional interests to consider, including directing how their books and other creative property will be handled after their death. In this webinar, attorney Edward M. McCoyd will discuss wills, trusts, and other estate planning vehicles, like appointing a “literary executor” or “literary trustee” to manage the copyrights in the author’s estate,providing for the administration of websites, social media pages, and other digital assets, exercising of statutory rights to terminate copyright grants after an author’s death, and the potential role organizations like the Authors Guild play in managing an author’s literary legacy. Panelist: Ed McCoyd

Understanding Your Royalty Statements and Learning What Questions to Ask Your Publisher (video)
This webinar will help you understand your royalty statements and tell you how to better understand them in connection with your publishing agreements. If you are still confused, we’ll guide you with questions for your publisher. We will also explain how to conduct an effective audit and make sure your agreement allows you to do so. Webinar presenter: Juli Saitz

The Writer's Wallet: Managing Your Freelance Finances (video)
Last but by no means least in our Emerging Writers series with Electric Literature and The Center for Fiction was a subject of vital importance—managing finances. Offering crucial advice were Jennifer Baker (Minorities in Publishing, We Need Diverse Books,) financial therapist Amanda Clayman (Financial Wellness Program,) and 2015 5 Under 35 honoree Tracy O’Neill (The Hopeful).

2018 Tax Tips for Authors
Robert Pesce is head of Marcum Group’s New York City Accounting Services department, and a founder of the firm’s Literary Services group. In this seminar, he will address the new tax laws as they will affect authors and answer the many questions we have. The 2018 Tax Tips for Authors webinar will also cover topics including:

· Record keeping to maximize your business deductions.

· Should you create a pass through entity?

· Income reporting. Understanding your 1099.

· Pension plans

· Foreign taxes

· Types of entities

All About Agents and Editors

members onlyRevising for Agents & Editors
Whether you’re gearing up for the agent query process or submitting directly to an editor, author Courtney Maum will help you gauge when your project is ready for a gatekeeper’s eyes. Courtney will share tips on identifying “low-calorie language,” making sure your middle doesn’t drag, verifying that you have a plot (or at the very least, some heavy conflict), and also writing query letters that will win an agent’s reply. This class will address both craft and business elements of publishing to better prepare aspiring authors for the current publishing landscape.

Agents and Agency: Building a Writing Career (video)
Part two in our series with Electric Literature and the Center for Fiction is this essential event on acquiring and working with a literary agent. Joining us will be Marya Spence of Kanlow & Nesbit Associates, Jacqueline Ko of Wylie Agency, and Anjali Singh of Ayesha Pande Literary, with Electric Literature’s Halimah Marcus moderating.

What Editors Want: Writing for the Web (video)
A must for emerging writers: Electric Literature, The Center for Fiction, and the Authors Guild have partnered together to present a series of events aimed at giving you the 101 when it comes to your career. In this first of the series, our panelists Yuka Igarashi (Soft Skull Press, Catapult), Michelle Legro (New Republic), and James Yeh (VICE) discussed how to pitch for online, and the ways in which writing for the web differs to print. Moderated by Dwyer Murphy of Electric Literature.


Navigating Self-Publishing Services (video)
Learn from publishing consultant Jane Friedman about the best services for self-publishing both print books and ebooks—based on your skill level—and how to be effective in your efforts without damaging your credibility or investing more money than you should. While self-publishing doesn’t equal instant success, you’ll learn the principles behind the successful creation and distribution of an ebook or print edition.

Staff attorney Umair Kazi will also discuss pressing issues for authors who are independently published, including the differences between various types of services and the major ebook retailer platforms, what to be wary of in service provider agreements, copyright registration, combating internet piracy, and other intellectual property concerns.

Book Publishing Standards: An Overview of the Most Important Checklist Every Author Needs Before They Publish (video)
In this webinar, Brooke Warner, publisher of She Writes Press and Chair of the Advocacy Committee for the Independent Book Publishers Association, will present the Industry Standards Checklist for a Professionally Published Book. This accessible webinar will detail what indie authors and publishers need to consider in order to have a professionally published book. Warner will include some of the most common mistakes she sees authors and publishers making, and will touch upon the importance of standards in leveling the playing field for authors everywhere. Webinar presenter: Brooke Warner.

members onlySelf-Publishing 101: Understanding the Landscape and Opportunities (video)
What are the best services for self-publishing? How much money does it cost to produce a good-quality e-book? What are some of the most effective marketing strategies? Get answers to these questions, plus an unbiased look at the self-publishing scene, including when you should do it, and—if you do—how to be effective in your efforts, without damaging your credibility or investing more money than you should. While self-publishing doesn’t equal instant success, you’ll learn the principles behind the successful creation and distribution of an ebook or print edition.

Hybrid Publishing: What You Need to Know about Book Publishing’s Newest Business Model
Hybrid publishing (not to be confused with being a “hybrid author”) is a growing segment of the publishing industry, with more and more publishers entering into this space or wanting to understand what it’s all about. In this webinar, Brooke Warner, publisher of the hybrid press, She Writes Press, will detail what qualifies presses to be hybrid, what the emerging hybrid press best practices are, and where we’re going from here as the middle ground of publishing opens up to encompass ever more creative and inclusive business models. Webinar Presenter: Brooke Warner

Member Benefits

A Guide to Authors Guild Membership (video)
In addition to its advocacy efforts, the Guild offers its members a broad range of free or low-cost legal, website, and educational services, with marketing assistance coming soon. Watch this webinar to find out more about your guild and the issues that affect your livelihood as a writer.

Author Websites: Our New Sitebuilder Features (video)
Whether you already have a website with the Guild or you’re thinking of creating one, this seminar is appropriate for you. Tadhg Hoey of the Web Services department will take you through some of the features of Sitebuilder, the Guild’s software designed specifically for authors. Here are some highlights:

  • Themes that are 100% mobile-friendly
  • Flexible layouts
  • Dedicated social media buttons
  • Larger images
  • Clean—and simple—editing interface
  • Option of using a simplified home page

Have you had a Sitebuilder website with us for a long time? Come see some of the features we released in the last year in our updated software.

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