Writing is only part of the picture when it comes to being an author. Now that you have a manuscript, you want to get it published and have as many people as you can read and buy it. For many writers, no matter how hard it is to write a book, the following stage seems more daunting, even for mid-career authors. But if you want to keep writing, you need to figure out how to publish and market your books—all while making sure you protect your rights—and that’s where we come in.

As a supplement to our in-person bootcamp tour, this webinar series will provide early-to-mid-career authors with tools and resources to manage their careers and successfully navigate the marketplace.

Please check back often as more webinars are added to the schedule.

Four Strategies to Gain Early Reviews (and Build Buzz!)

Early reviews for an upcoming release serve a number of purposes, from giving your book “street cred”, to building buzz, to helping readers identify if it’s the right read for them. But gaining early reviews can be challenging for both debut and established authors. In this session, we’ll go over four strategies to gain early reviews—with specific, actionable steps—and look at a case study of how those strategies panned out when put into practice. Whether you’re an indie author or taking the traditional publishing route, planning for early reviews will be an integral part of a successful release. Panelist: Intisar Khanani


Attract More Readers and Sell More Books: How to Promote Your Own Book (Without Feeling Sleazy)

You’ve published, or you’re about to publish, a book. Now what? Like it or not, an author’s job isn’t done once the book releases, so let’s look at how to promote a new release or put life back into a book that’s been out for a while. Using some basic principles of marketing, we’ll look at how to craft a marketing plan that raises awareness and makes the sale, based on your own unique strengths and audience. We’ll talk about how to use (and when to ignore) traditional and popular marketing tools like press releases, giveaways, events, advertising, contests, reviews, awards, and more. Plus, we’ll highlight a few counter-intuitive and unusual marketing strategies that really work. Whether you're traditional or self-publishing, you’ll walk away with new ideas and a framework to wrap them around. Panelist: Beth Jusino.


Novel Approaches to Combating Book Piracy

Piracy has always been a cat-and-mouse game. But with the rapid pace of technological changes and business models in the publishing ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly difficult for authors and publishers to respond quickly — and effectively — to stop the circulation of pirated books. In this panel we will discuss some of the new methods that book pirates and counterfeiters are using to produce and disseminate pirated books. We will also look at the strategies used by authors and publishers to curb piracy, and the different tactics then can be taken, including when to file suit and when to bring in law enforcement.


Book Contracts 101

In this webinar, Authors Guild Director of Legal Services Michael Gross will guide you through the basics of a traditional publishing contract, focusing on critical provisions and perils to avoid.


Marketing Strategies for Authors

Long-Term Marketing Strategies That Attract Readers, Sell Books, and Won’t Make You Miserable

Like it or not, marketing is part of every modern author’s job description. This class takes a practical, personal approach to the oft-discussed but misunderstood "author platform," and explores targeted ways for writers to promote a new release or put life back in a book that’s been out for a while. We’ll explore best practices for when to use (and when to ignore) social media, speaking, networking, additional writing, websites and mailing lists, and more. Most importantly, we’ll look at how to use your own unique strengths and passions, rather than trying to follow someone else’s formula.Presenter: Beth Jusino is an author and publishing professional with twenty years of experience helping writers navigate the complicated space between manuscript and final book. A former literary agent and marketing director, she’s now a writer, ghostwriter, editor, and publishing consultant for both traditionally publishing and self-publishing authors. She’s the author of the award-winning The Author’s Guide to Marketing and the travel memoir Walking to the End of the World: A Thousand Miles on the Camino de Santiago.


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