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Stay tuned for details about future Authors Guild Foundation trips to more destinations.

Here is what travelers had to say about the Authors Guild Cuba trips:

"The Authors Guild Tour to Cuba was very good. The sights seen and the cultural presentations were engrossing, and I came out of it knowing concretely what I'd known only abstractly beforehand—that Cuba is not just another pretty Caribbean island, not just another neighbor, not just another Latin American nation but a unique country with a unique culture and (especially recent) history. Generally, I'm not a fan of group tours, but this one was handled expertly and flexibly--sometimes even improvisationally." —Daniel Menaker, author of seven books, former editor at The New Yorker, former Editor-in-Chief of Random House

"What a fantastic trip, beyond all expectations. Loved meeting with Cuban writers/artists/dancers, and getting to know sister/fellow authors in our group. The B&B stay with a family was lovely! In all, the week-long trip provided the depth and breadth of insights into Cuba and its people that I could not have gleaned in a month on my own." —Terri Brooks, freelance writer and author of three works of nonfiction

"An absolutely excellent trip! The Cuban people are great, the landscape is beautiful, the architecture often extraordinary. The talks organized by the Authors Guild were particularly outstanding—a collection of wonderfully intelligent professionals from all walks of Cuban life spoke to us. Importantly, the group was very compatible, highly intelligent, curious, and friendly—all of them. I would like to take more trips like this with the Guild."  —Dinitia Smith, author of four novels and former culture reporter at The New York Times for 11 years.

"The Authors Guild trip to Cuba was an outstanding intellectual experience. The lectures and entertainers were virtually uniformly superb. Our Cuban guide, Rocio, was knowledgeable and responsive to all our inquiries. There is much to see and do. The people are energetic, friendly, curious, inventive and talented. Its brilliant writers, artists, and musicians are puzzled by our nation’s attitude, but still wanting to be one with us. Cuba’s a trip you shouldn’t pass up." —Neal Gillen, attorney and author of nine novels, two memoirs, and book on publishing.

Former Guild President Roxana Robinson participated in the inaugural trip last fall. She wrote a wonderful piece for The New Yorker about visiting Ernest Hemingway’s home which you can read here.


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