Wendy Strothman founded The Strothman Agency in 2003 after seven years as publisher of Trade & Reference at Houghton Mifflin Company where she oversaw all adult, reference, and children’s publishing, and edited five books with Philip Roth as well as works by Arthur Schlesinger and John Kenneth Galbraith. She was director of Beacon Press in Boston for twelve years and began her publishing career at the University of Chicago Press. As agent, she represents serious non-fiction by scholars and journalists. In the past five years, two clients, David Blight (Frederick Douglass) and David Kertzer (The Pope and Mussolini), have won Pulitzer Prizes, and two clients, James Scott (Target Tokyo) and Wendy Warren (New England Bound) have been Pulitzer Finalists. Her clients include Sian Beilock, Martha Hodes, Alison Richard, Judith Resnik, Ruth Ben-Ghiat, Richard T. Ford, Joanne Freeman, Kenn Kaufman, Thanassis Cambanis, Kathryn Miles, Amy Ellis Nutt, and Yanis Varoufakis. Wendy was a trustee of Brown University for six years and served as Secretary of the Corporation of Brown University for ten years. She currently serves on the Board of the Association of Authors Representatives and the Copyright Clearance Center. She is based in Greenwich Village.