A lawyer and economist by training, Georges Ugeux is Chairman and CEO of Galileo Global Advisors, a firm he founded to offer CEOs, Boards of Directors, and Governments independent advice on international business development, restructuring, compliance, and capital market issues.

He teaches European and Central Banking at the Columbia University School of Law. His titles include The Betrayal of Finance: Twelve Reforms to Restore Confidence and International Finance Regulation: The Quest for Financial Stability. He is a Director of AXA Tian Ping Property & Casualty, a joint venture insurance company in Shanghai. He is also a Director of Avant, a Japanese business solution company. He is a Member of the Investment Committee of the Sisters of Our Lady of Africa and an honorary chair of the Belgian American Chamber of Commerce and the Catholic University of Louvain Foundation. He sits on the International Advisory Boards of Guangzhou Municipal Board for International Investment, the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School, Oxford Analytica and APCO worldwide.