Peggy Archer (and Anne Wilsdorf, Illus.): A Hippy-Hoppy Toad

Fred Bowen: Lucky Enough

Carol Brendler (and Lisa Brown, Illus.): The Two Mutch Sisters

Leslie Bulion (and Robert Meganck, Illus.): Leaf Litter Critters

Dori Hillstead Butler (and Nancy Meyers, Illus.): King & Kayla and the Case of the Lost Tooth

John Butman (and Simon Targett): New World, Inc.: The Making of America by England’s Merchant Adventurers

Laurie Calkhoven: Judy, Prisoner of War

Sue Fliess (and Petros Bouloubasis, Illus.): Mary Had a Little Lab

Aminatta Forna: Happiness

Patty Friedmann: Where Do They All Come From?

Adina Rishe Gewirtz: Blue Window

Beth Gutcheon: The Affliction

Parnell Hall: The Purloined Puzzle

Kent Harrington: Last Ferry Home

Cynthia Platt (and Olivia Holden, Illus.): Grow

Robert D. Kaplan: The Return of Marco Polo's World: War, Strategy, and American Interests in the Twenty-first Century

Leslie Karst: Death Al Fresco

Bonnie J. Morris (and D-M Withers): The Feminist Revolution

Roxane Orgill: Siege: How General Washington Kicked the British out of Boston and Launched a Revolution

Bill Petrocelli: Through the Bookstore Window

Nathaniel Philbrick: Second Wind: A Sunfish Sailor, an Island, and the Voyage that Brought a Family Together

Cynthia Platt (and Olivia Holden, Illus.): Grow

Joanne Rocklin (and Lucy Knisley, Illus.): Love, Penelope

Susan Goldman Rubin: Coco Chanel: Pearls, Perfume, and the Little Black Dress

Mimi Schwartz: When History Is Personal

Jane Smiley: Riding Lessons

C.M. Surrisi: A Side of Sabotage

Holly Thompson (and Jen Betton, Illus.): Twilight Chant

Amy Wallen: When We Were Ghouls: A Memoir of Ghost Stories

Doris Weatherford, Rosalind Reisner, Nancy Rubin Stuart, and Valerie Tomaselli: Women in the Literary Landscape

Douglas Wells: How We End Up

Bernice Yeung: In a Day's Work: The Fight to End Sexual Violence Against America’s Most Vulnerable Workers

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