Jacob M. Appel: The Amazing Mr. Morality: Stories

Radley Balko (and Tucker Carrington): The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: A True Story of Injustice in the American South

Tracy Barrett: Marabel and the Book of Fate

Bruce M. Beehler (and John T. Anderton, Illus.): North on the Wing: Travels with the Songbird Migration of Spring

Alex Berenson: The Deceivers

Amy Bloom: White Houses

Rachel Caine (and Ann Aguirre): Honor Among Thieves

Simon Callow: Being Wagner: The Story of the Most Provocative Composer Who Ever Lived

Helen Marie Casey: Zero Degrees

Susan Cooper: The Bogart Fights Back

Nina Crews (and Richard Wright): Seeing into Tomorrow: Haiku by Richard Wright  

Jasmin Darznik: Song of a Captive Bird

Joy Fielding: The Bad Daughter

Elizabeth Flock: The Heart Is a Shifting Sea: Love and Marriage in Mumbai

Barbara Gregorich: Charlie Chan's Poppa: Earl Derr Biggers 

Nikki Grimes: Between the Lines

John Heminway: In Full Flight: A Story of Africa and Atonement

Natalie Hopkinson: A Mouth Is Always Muzzled: Six Dissidents, Five Continents, and the Art of Resistance

Bill Kimberlin: Inside the Star Wars Empire: A Memoir

Tayari Jones: An American Marriage

Jonathan LaPoma: The Summer of Crud

John Lescroart: Poison

Dan Moldea: Hollywood Confidential: A True Story of Wiretapping, Friendship, and Betrayal

Bonnie J. Morris (and D-M Withers): The Feminist Revolution: The Struggle for Women's Liberation

Walter Mosley: Down the River Unto the Sea

Donna Jo Napoli: Hunger: A Tale of Courage

Sigrid Nunez: The Friend

Robin Oliveira: Winter Sisters

Peggy Orenstein: Don't Call Me Princess: Essays on Girls, Women, Sex and Life

Tamora Pierce: Tempests and Slaughter

Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress

Sally J. Pla (and Steve Wolfhard, Illus.): Stanley Will Probably Be Fine

Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno: There Are No Dead Here: A Story of Murder and Denial in Colombia

April Pulley Sayre: Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet

Renee Shafransky: Tips for Living

Dyan Sheldon: Just Friends

Dana Sullivan: My Red Velvet Cape

Lynn Swanson: To My Mother: Winter Circus

Tara Westover: Educated: A Memoir

Emily Winslow: Look for Her

Kay Winters (and Patrice Barton, Illus.): Did You Hear What I Heard?: Poems About School

Barry Wittenstein (and Chris Hsu, Illus.): The Boo-Boos That Changed the World: A True Story About an Accidental Invention

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