Jerry Apps: Simple Things: Lessons from the Family Farm

Ascher/Straus: The Other Planet (30th Anniversary Ed.)

Lucy Jane Bledsoe: Lava Falls

Betty Bolte: Veiled Visions of Love

Marlene Targ Brill (and Michael Sayre, Illus.): Picture Girl

Dewey Cassell (and Jeff Messer): Mike Grell: Life Is Drawing Without An Eraser

Sharon Creech: Saving Winslow

Nancy Raines Day (and Allison Black, Illus.): Pirate Jack Gets Dressed

Nancy Raines Day and Michael Emberley, Illus.: Baby's Firsts

Phillip DePoy: Icepick

Hannah Carmona Dias (and Dolly Georgieva-Gode, Illus.): Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me!

Laura Furman (Ed.): The O. Henry Prize Stories 2018

Connie Goldsmith: Animals Go to War: From Dogs to Dolphins  

Christopher Healy: A Dastardly Plot

Carl Hiaasen: Squirm

Ellen Hopkins: People Kill People

Lorri Horn: Dewey Fairchild, Teacher Problem Solver

Pam Kelley: Money Rock: A Family’s Story of Cocaine, Race, and Ambition in the New South

Ronald Kidd: Lord of the Mountain

Sandra Gail Lambert: A Certain Loneliness: A Memoir

Julie Lindahl: The Pendulum

Susan Mallery: Why Not Tonight

Lisa McCubbin: Betty Ford: First Lady, Women's Advocate, Survivor, Trailblazer

Walter Mosley: John Woman

Susan Oleksiw: Below the Tree Line

Sandy Eisenberg Sasso (and Darcy Day Zoells, Illus.): When God Gave Us Words

David Sosnowski: Happy Doomsday

Austin Smith: Flyover Country

Nile Southern (and Adam Cooper) (Eds.) (and Terry Southern and Michael Cooper, Photog.): Chicago 1968: The Whole World is Watching

Amy Stewart: Miss Kopp Just Won't Quit

Juan Williams: What the Hell Do You Have to Lose?: Trump’s War on Civil Rights