This week’s recent and upcoming books by our members include titles by John Annerino, Lisa Doan, Norman H. Finkelstein, Julia Glass, Cara Hoffman, Ward Just, Peter Matthiessen, Gordon McAlpine,  Denise Lewis Patrick, Roger Roffman, Jill Smolowe, and Gabrielle Zevin. Titles under the jump.

John Annerino: Colorado Plateau Wild and Beautiful

Lisa Doan (and Ivica Stevanovic, Illus.): Jack the Castaway

Norman H. Finkelstein: Schools of Hope: How Julius Rosenwald Helped Change African American Education

Julia Glass: And the Dark Sacred Night

Cara Hoffman: Be Safe I Love You

Ward Just: American Romantic

Peter Matthiessen: In Paradise

Gordon McAlpine (and Sam Zuppardi, Illus.): Once Upon a Midnight Bernie

Denise Lewis Patrick: A Matter of Souls

Roger Roffman: Marijuana Nation: One Man's Chronicle of America Getting High - From Vietnam to Legalization

Jill Smolowe: Four Funerals and a Wedding: Resilience in a Time of Grief

Gabrielle Zevin: The Storied Life of A.J. Firky

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