This week’s recent and upcoming releases by Authors Guild members include titles by Jacqueline Carey, Patrick A. Durantou, Robert F. Gish, Carolyn Hart, Valerie Hobbs, Dorothea Jensen, Jethro K. Lieberman, Louis K. Meisel, Carolyn Meyer, Brendan O’Carroll, Clara Parkes, William H. Pike, Mary Quattlebaum, Fred L. Reed, Harry Rosenfeld, Elizabeth Rusch, Susan Stinson, and Stuart Woods. Titles under the jump.

Jacqueline Carey: Autumn Bones

Patrick A. Durantou: La Notion d'Apeiron de Anaxagore

Robert F. Gish: River of Ghosts: A Cedar Valley Odyssey

Carolyn Hart: Ghost Gone Wild

Valerie Hobbs: Wolf

Dorothea Jensen: Tizzy, the Christmas Shelf Elf

Jethro K. Lieberman: Jumpstart Constitutional Law

Louis K. Meisel: Photorealism in the Digital Age

Carolyn Meyer: Beauty's Daughter: The Story of Hermione and Helen of Troy

Brendan O’Carroll: Mrs. Browns Family Handbook

Clara Parkes: The Yarn Whisperer: My Unexpected Life in Knitting

William H. Pike (and Patrick C. Gregory): Why Stocks Go Up and Down (4th Edition)

Mary Quattlebaum (and Laura J. Bryant, Illus.): Jo MacDonald Hiked in the Woods

Fred L. Reed: Civil War Stamp Envelopes: The Issuers and Their Times

Harry Rosenfeld: From Kristallnacht to Watergate:  Memoirs of a Newspaperman

Elizabeth Rusch (and Oliver Dominguez, Illus.): Electrical Wizard: How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World

Susan Stinson: Spider in a Tree

Stuart Woods: Doing Hard Time

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