This week’s recent and upcoming releases by Authors Guild members include titles by Lisa M. Bakos, Michael Thomas Barry, Alice Denham, David Gilbert, Lawrence Grobel, Edward Hannibal, John Hennessy, Stephen Krensky, Lisa Lutz, Gerald McFarland, Rick Mofina, Deborah Navas, Dean Radin, Cheryl Reavis, and Carl Rollyson. Titles beneath the jump.

Lisa M. Bakos: May God Bless You with an Angel

Michael Thomas Barry: Literary Legends of the British Isles: The Lives and Burial Places of 50 Great Writers

Alice Denham: Secrets of San Miguel

David Gilbert: And Sons

Lawrence Grobel: Conversations with Ava [Gardner]

Edward Hannibal: A Trace of Red

John Hennessy: Coney Island Pilgrims

Stephen Krensky (and Sara Gillingham, Illus.): I Know A Lot!

Lisa Lutz: The Last Word

Gerald McFarland: The Brujo's Way

Rick Mofina: Into the Dark

Deborah Navas: Bathsheba Spooner

Dean Radin: Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities

Cheryl Reavis: An Unexpected Wife

Carl Rollyson: Amy Lowell Anew: A Biography

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