Here are this week’s upcoming and recent releases by our Guild members:

Joseph Alexiou: Gowanus: Brooklyn’s Curious Canal

Michael Bess: Our Grandchildren Redesigned: Life in the Bioengineered Society of the Near Future

Diane Chamberlain: Pretending to Dance

Susan Cheever: Drinking in America: Our Secret History

Michaela Haas: Bouncing Forward: Transforming Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs

Garth Risk Hallberg: City on Fire

John Katzenbach: The Dead Student

Thomas Mallon: Finale: A Novel of the Reagan Years

Bill McWilliams: On Hallowed Ground: The Last Battle for Pork Chop Hill

Doug Merlino: Beast: Blood, Struggle, and Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts

Barry Moser: We Were Brothers

Lesléa Newman (and Ag Jatkowska, Illus.): My Name is Aviva

Phyllis Root (and Helen Craig, Illus.): Snowy Sunday

John Sandford (and Ctein): Saturn Run

Arlene Weintraub: Heal: The Vital Role of Dogs in the Search for Cancer Cures