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Our intensive writers' workshops provide early-to-mid-career authors with tools and resources to manage their careers and successfully navigate the marketplace.

Business Bootcamps for Writers

This year the Authors Guild Foundation and publishing professionals from Penguin Random House offered FREE workshops for authors about the business of writing!

Writing is only part of the picture when it comes to being an author. Now that you have a manuscript, you want to get it published and have as many people as you can read and buy it. For many writers, no matter how hard it is to write a book, the following stage seems more daunting, even for mid-career authors. But if you want to keep writing, you need to figure out how to publish and market your books—all while making sure you protect your rights—and that’s where we come in. This bootcamp will present a panel that includes legal experts, editors, agents and marketing and sales professionals as well as local authors who have navigated this side of the writing business.


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