Writing is a craft we hone daily. But writing is also a business; it’s the way many of us pay the bills and put food on the table. As the nation’s largest society of professional authors, the Authors Guild makes sure its members are up to speed on the latest developments in book publishing—and we make sure our members know how these developments will affect the bottom line.



During our Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing webinars, the wonderful panelists shared numerous resources. Although this is not an exhaustive list of all the great people and organizations in Black children’s literature, we have compiled a Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing Resource List so you can easily find the books, publishers, organizations, conferences, and reading materials suggested by the panelists. 

Authors Guild Survey Shows Drastic 42 Percent Decline in Authors Earnings in Last Decade

The Authors Guild’s 2018 Author Income Survey, the largest survey of writing-related earnings by American authors ever conducted finds incomes falling to historic lows to a median of $6,080 in 2017, down 42 percent from 2009.


Building Community (Part III of Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing) 

The third part of the series, Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing, focuses on how creators, the publishing industry and book loving-community can disrupt racism and make a difference. We received more than a hundred questions over the past two webinars. We devote this session to answering as many as we can and continuing the conversation: How can we center Black creators and create change that endures?

Centering Black Creators (Part II of Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing)

Centering Black Creators, the second part of the series Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing, explores the journeys of Black authors and illustrators. What are institutional barriers to success? How can the industry disrupt racism and support Black creators? How can Black creators advocate and advance? Join us for a conversation and leave with valuable tips and information about our initiative to help support Black authors.

Black Voices: Pushing for Change in Children’s Book Publishing

From agenting to editing, from sales to marketing, less than five percent of publishing professionals are Black, according to the results of the most recent Lee & Low diversity graphic on Black representation in the publishing industry. How does institutional exclusion and racism impact the success of books by Black authors and the trajectory of Black creators? In this panel, industry experts offer insights, share experiences and concerns, and suggest ways to create change.

From Manuscript to Marketplace

Naima Coster, Vivian Lee, and Jennifer Baker discuss the process of creating and publishing their books, revealing how Coster's Halsey Street made it to the marketplace. They candidly share their experiences regarding publicity, social media, working with agents and editors, and more.

Who Owns the Word? Part 1: The Future of Authorship in Journalism

Pulitzer Prize-winner Richard Russo moderates this Authors Guild public forum in partnership with the NYPL. Who Owns the Word? is a three-part series that explores the impact that declining wages for full-time book authors, journalists, and television and screenwriters and questions regarding content ownership, copyright laws, censorship, and quality control have on the future of American culture and intellectual discourse.

Who Owns the Word? Part 2: Book Publishing

The second panel in our partnership with the New York Public Library. Richard Russo, Kurt Andersen, Alexander Chee, Madeline McIntosh, and TJ Stiles examine the perils and possibilities for writers of fiction in the digital age—and the role institutions and corporations can play in sustaining the freedoms of expression on which a democratic society rests.

Thinking Out Loud: From Page to Screen: Richard Russo and Guests

Richard Russo—whose novels Nobody’s Fool and Empire Falls were adapted for the screen—is joined by three fiction writers who have straddled both the book and film worlds to discuss the process of adapting one’s own works as well as collaborating on original screenplays.

A Writer's Guide to the New Publishing Ecosystem

In partnership with the Copyright Clearance Center, The Authors Guild will draw on its 100+ year history as the nation’s leading advocate for authors’ rights, as well as its extensive network of contacts within the publishing industry and in the legal and business communities, to present a series of ten webinars with the goal of ensuring that our nation’s authors—new and established, young and old alike—are positioned to thrive in today’s digital economy, so that our society as a whole can reap the benefits of a thriving and diverse literary culture into the next generation and beyond.

Writers on the Brink: The Current Economics of Authorship

This panel focused on the economic challenges that authors face regarding the long-term viability of book authorship in today’s publishing climate and what it means for the authors of tomorrow. The discussion opened with a presentation of the latest survey results on authors’ incomes in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain.

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