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By Elisa Gabbert

So you got an MFA—now what?

Earning a master’s degree in creative writing is an accomplishment in itself, but most likely you looked at your program as a means to an end, be it better job prospects, better connections in the literary world, or just greater mastery, as it were, over your craft.

An MFA can be an expensive endeavor—even if your program was fully funded, the time itself is an investment. But there are steps you can take to make sure that your investment was worthwhile.

This article will address some of the main challenges you’re likely to face as a new MFA graduate, along with advice to overcome them.

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MFA Job Options


The million-dollar question: Should you teach? Many people pursue an MFA in the first place to help secure a teaching job.

Submitting Your Writing

If you weren’t actively sending out work during your MFA program, now is the time to start.

Finding a Writer’s Community

Community has a clear side benefit: more “connected” writers tend to have more publishing success.

And More...


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