Book publicity 101

By Katie Kurtzman

So your book is on its way to publication. You’re almost done with your edits. You and your publisher have debated and chosen a book jacket, and confirmed an on-sale date. Now, it’s time to meet your cheerleading captain: The Book Publicist.

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What Does a Book Publicist Do?

Book publicity encompasses outreach to media, planning of book events, and more.

The Publicist Pitch

A publicist is also responsible for creating the press materials that accompany a book on its way into the hands of the media. Materials like a press release, pitch letter, praise sheet, or example author Q&A.

Will I Go on a Book Tour?

Unlike media outreach, which is part of a publicist’s regular duties, book tours require publishers to pay for travel and accommodations for the author and, sometimes, for the publicist as well. Learn about the factors that are considered when deciding about a book tour.

The Author’s Role in Book Publicity

For early-writers in particular, it’s important to remember that you also have a role in the book publicity campaign.

Freelance Book Publicists

Are you considering hiring a freelance publicist? Depending on what your publisher has planned for your book and depending on your budget, a freelance publicist can supplement or enhance what your in-house publicist will be doing.

Be Your Own Cheerleader

Is publicity everything? No, but it can help. Do not be afraid of self-promotion.

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