The Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing

Chapter 6: Producing and Selling Ebook Editions

Ebook distributors and retailers are continually coming and going, consolidating or partnering, and each works on a slightly different business model. Some even act as publishing service providers, requiring no effort from you, the author. However, the more services your distributor provides, the less profit you can expect to receive, and one of the key attractions of ebook distribution and retail is its excellent potential for author profits—to cut out the middleman entirely and have the same visibility and retail potential as any other book.

We’ll discuss the most important ebook retailer—Amazon—and questions surrounding the use of Amazon KDP Select, which requires exclusivity to Amazon for your ebook sales. We’ll also cover the most important ebook retailers outside of the Amazon ecosystem, as well as the most popular ebook distributors that can help you reach library and international markets, in addition to reducing your time spent on administration and management of titles.

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The full chapter INCLUDES:

What to expect from ebook distribution services

Once you choose your self-publishing provider, it’s extremely easy to get a file approved and a book on sale. We discuss the important factors to consider when making this decision.

Epub, Mobi, or PDF?

When using any of the ebook retailers or distributors, you’ll need to use a file formatted according to their specific guidelines. We show you how to satisfy the various formatting requirements.

How should you price your Ebook?

We break down the royalties you can expect to receive from each of the ebook distributors.

In-depth information on Amazon

As well as other ebook retailers like Apple Books, Barnes and Noble Nook Press, Kobo Writing Life, Google Play, OverDrive, and more.

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