The Authors Guild Guide to E-Publishing

Chapter 7: Ebook Technical Know-How

The industry standard ebook format is EPUB, and it’s the most desirable format to have on hand when uploading to ebook retailers and distributors. It is essentially HTML, so if you’re familiar with building websites or using HTML (e.g., to write blog posts), then the prospect of creating an EPUB file may not be very daunting for you. We’ll discuss whether you should hire a professional to help you, or if you can go it alone—and if you do it yourself, what tools are available.

This section also covers the importance of your book metadata. When experts talk about optimizing books to be seen and discovered online, metadata comprehensiveness and strategy is a big part of what they’re talking about. We’ll discuss how to select categories and keywords (very important metadata!) to help your book be found by the right readers through the online retailers.

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The full chapter INCLUDES:

How to format ebook files

We break down the various ways to create your files including creating an EPUB from scratch, from a Word document, from a PDF, and from a print book.

Creating metadata for your book

What is the importance of subject categories and keywords?

Should you hire a professional to help with your ebook files?

We explore the scenarios where it would greatly benefit you to hire someone who has expertise and experience in the field.

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