The Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing

How To Publish and Promote Your Work

We’ve entered a brave new world where the tools you need to get published are now at your fingertips. With this exclusive Authors Guild ebook, we have assembled an up-to-the minute guide that will tell you everything you need to get started. The Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing will help you evaluate your e-publishing strategy, providing guidance about working with agents and freelancers, advice on hiring publicists and digital marketing options, and the skills you need to produce and sell ebooks. This soup-to-nuts guide is an essential resource for navigating the ins and outs of the publishing process.

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members onlyChapter 1: Getting Started in Self-Publishing»

  • Introduction for Writers
  • Evaluating What Self-Publishing Help You Need


members onlyChapter 2: The Book Publishing Service Landscape»

  • The Book Publishing Service Landscape
  • Most Commonly Used Self-Publishing Services


members onlyChapter 3: Other Self-Publishing Services»

  • Literary Agent Assistance
  • Hiring Freelancers
  • Hybrid Book Publishers


members onlyChapter 4: Setting Up Your Own Publishing Business»

  • Setting Up Your Own Publishing Business


members onlyChapter 5: Producing and Selling Print Editions»

  • Producing and Selling Print Editions
  • Working with Amazon
  • Working with IngramSpark


members onlyChapter 6: Producing and Selling Ebook Editions»

  • Producing and Selling Ebook Editions
  • Amazon KDP and KDP Select
  • Other Ebook Retailers


members onlyChapter 7: Ebook Technical Know-How»

  • Creating Ebook Files
  • Creating Metadata for Your Book


members onlyChapter 8: Marketing and Publicity for Writers»

  • Marketing and Publicity for Writers
  • Publicists and Traditional Book Marketing
  • Digital Marketing for Authors

members onlySelf-Publishing Checklists and Worksheets»

  • Title Information Sheet
  • Publishing Production Schedule
  • Book Launch Marketing Checklist
  • Author Questionnaire