The Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing

How To Publish and Promote Your Work

The tools you need to get published are now at your fingertips. With this exclusive Authors Guild resource, we have assembled an up-to-the minute guide that will tell you everything you need to get started. The Authors Guild Guide to Self-Publishing will help you evaluate your e-publishing strategy, providing guidance about working with agents and freelancers, advice on hiring publicists and digital marketing options, and the skills you need to produce and sell ebooks. This soup-to-nuts guide is an essential resource for navigating the ins and outs of the publishing process.

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members onlyChapter 1: Getting Started in Self-Publishing»

  • Introduction for Writers
  • Evaluating What Self-Publishing Help You Need


members onlyChapter 2: The Book Publishing Service Landscape»

  • The Book Publishing Service Landscape
  • Most Commonly Used Self-Publishing Services


members onlyChapter 3: Other Self-Publishing Services»

  • Literary Agent Assistance
  • Hiring Freelancers
  • Hybrid Book Publishers


members onlyChapter 4: Setting Up Your Own Publishing Business»

  • Setting Up Your Own Publishing Business


members onlyChapter 5: Producing and Selling Print Editions»

  • Producing and Selling Print Editions
  • Working with Amazon
  • Working with IngramSpark


members onlyChapter 6: Producing and Selling Ebook Editions»

  • Producing and Selling Ebook Editions
  • Amazon KDP and KDP Select
  • Other Ebook Retailers


members onlyChapter 7: Ebook Technical Know-How»

  • Creating Ebook Files
  • Creating Metadata for Your Book


members onlyChapter 8: Marketing and Publicity for Writers»

  • Marketing and Publicity for Writers
  • Publicists and Traditional Book Marketing
  • Digital Marketing for Authors

members onlySelf-Publishing Checklists and Worksheets»

  • Title Information Sheet
  • Publishing Production Schedule
  • Book Launch Marketing Checklist
  • Author Questionnaire