Navigating the publishing industry can often seem like a difficult, opaque process. Whether you’re choosing an MFA program, signing your first book contract, booking a school visit, or preparing your estate, the Writers’ Resource Library has something for writers at all stages of their careers. With these tools and resources, you’ll be able to build and better manage a long and successful writing career.



Get in-depth information about choosing an e-publishing platform; hiring editors, designers, publicists, and other freelancers; working with ebook retailers; registering ISBNs; creating EPUB files from scratch; marketing your work; and more.

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Submitting Your Writing

Putting your writing out into the world is a scary but necessary first step to getting published. But how do you know if your short story is ready? When is it okay to submit a book if you don’t have an agent? What can you expect when you pitch to an editor of an online publication? These and more questions are answered in the following section/resources.

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Publishing Contracts & Legal Issues

Before you sign that publishing or freelance contract, you’ll want to make sure you know the standards of the industry and what you can negotiate. These seminars, templates, and guides will help get you started.

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Managing Your Finances

Managing your finances can be difficult for anyone, but authors and freelance writers often face unique challenges when filing taxes, saving for retirement, and planning estates. In this section, we provide you with the tools to manage your finances at any stage of your career.

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All About Literary Agents

Many publishers nowadays won’t take unsolicited submissions. But how do you get an agent? What should a query letter say? Does the size of the agency matter? What if you need to change agents? Know what to expect and what’s expected of you with these resources.

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Marketing & Publicity

For both self-published and traditionally published authors, the ability to market and promote your own work increases your chances of success. From being a better literary citizen to understanding social media platforms better, these resources will help get you started.

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Avoiding Publishing Scams

It is important to view any unsolicited offers to publish or market your books with caution. The Authors Guild has this ongoing list of reported scams. Online scams against authors are on the rise and becoming increasingly sophisticated. Nearly every day, we hear from authors who have been scammed or would have been had they not first reached out to the Authors Guild to confirm whether an “offer” was real.

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MFA and Beyond

Not everyone opts to get an MFA or a degree in journalism, and you certainly don’t need one to be a successful author or journalist. But if you are interested in pursuing a degree, we’ve got you covered.

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Writers' Workshops

Our intensive workshops provide early-to-mid-career authors with tools and resources to manage their careers and successfully navigate the marketplace.

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The State of the Publishing Industry

Writing is a craft we hone daily. But writing is also a business; it’s the way many of us pay the bills and put food on the table. As the nation’s largest society of professional authors, the Authors Guild makes sure its members are up to speed on the latest developments in book publishing—and we make sure our members know how these developments will affect the bottom line.

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Other Helpful Stuff

Features directories, listings, and organizations that may be useful to authors, including copyright, publishing, publicity, and agent information.

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