This service is charged quarterly, in advance, at a rate of $27 or $36 per quarter for Standard or Premium, respectively.

Our server runs PHP version 5.1.6 and MySQL 5.0.77

A note about WordPress. We do not allow permissions on any file or directory to be writable by the world or owned by Apache. In the past, members have changed permissions on directories to 777 or 755-owned by Apache in order to make WordPress easier to use, but this is not something we allow on our servers. WordPress users may use FTP to update their sites. Any permissions settings that violate our rules will be automatically reset to keep our server secure.

Standard Service

The Standard tier of service allows 500 MB of disk space, 10 GB of data transfer per month, and 3 email adresses. Suitable for nearly all users.

Premium Service

The Premium tier of service allows 1 GB of space, 50 GB of data transfer per month, and 10 email addresses. Suitable for users with lots of content or very large audio or video files.



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