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Writing is a solitary act. It can also often be a lonely pursuit. That is why the Guild is launching regional chapters, with the aim of connecting a broad array of authors on the local level throughout the country so that members will have more opportunities to engage in person with other writers. Our desire is to build vibrant writing communities wherever there are writers.


From readings and panels to meet-and-greets with industry professionals and networking mingles, we plan to offer writers a greater variety of opportunities to connect one-on-one with each other and to foster an engaged peer community of writers united by the Authors Guild’s mission.


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Phoenix, AZ

Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Bay Area, CA

Washington, D.C.

St. Petersburg/Tampa, FL

Chicago, IL

Boston, MA

Detroit, MI

Las Vegas, NV

New York, NY

Raleigh-Durham, NC

Cleveland, OH

Portland, OR

Philadelphia, PA

Seattle, WA

We begin this initiative with the 16 cities above, but we will be expanding to include other regional chapters in the coming year, so if you don’t see your area listed, please stay tuned for updates about our plans to launch in additional cities and towns.

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