The Writer’s Legal Guide: An Authors Guild Desk Reference (4th edition)

by Kay Murray and Tad Crawford

In an increasingly digitized and complex publishing world, writers need to know how to protect themselves against copyright infringement, legal trouble, and unwise concessions to publishers. The Authors Guild has once again partnered with Allsworth Press to update this invaluable reference. Thoroughly revised to reflect the many changes in the publishing industry, the fourth edition offers plain-English explanations of legal and business aspects of the trade, from electronic rights and e-books to contracts and accounting. Other topics include:

  •        Registering copyrights, including online registration
  •        Taxes and bookkeeping
  •        Fair use guidelines
  •        Contract negotiation
  •        Periodical, syndication, film, television, play, and audio rights agreements
  •        Obtaining permissions to use others’ work
  •        Business disputes
  •        Libel, privacy, and the limits of free expression
  •        Avoiding self-publishing missteps
  •        Planning authors’ estates
  •        And much more

The Writer’s Legal Guide is an indispensable resource for all writers who want to protect their work and succeed in both traditional and digital markets.

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