•  Throughout the year, the Authors Guild Foundation sponsors panel discussions and phone-in seminars for members on a variety of legal topics of interest such as electronic rights, termination rights, the author-agent relationship,  and book contract negotiation. Members can log in and access seminar recordings here.
  •  The Guild’s Legal Services Department also offers seminars for members in the fall and spring of each year on specific legal topics, generally related to  contract negotiations.
  •  The Guild’s Legal Services Department can refer members to an attorney with experience in publishing matters.
  •  The Guild’s Legal Services Department maintains standard forms for a wide variety of legal issues and makes these forms available to members at no extra charge.

*Some forms and legal advice may be unavailable to emerging writer and student members.

Form Takedown Notice »
A form that can be sent to any internet service provider that hosts or links to content that infringes copyrights must take down the infringing content if it receives a takedown notice from the copyright owner or an authorized party.

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