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Car Rentals at Enterprise and National

The Hot Sheet is offering deep discounts on subscriptions to its exclusive bi-monthly publishing industry newsletter to Guild members. Self-described as “no drama, no hype,” The Hot Sheet is designed specifically with published authors in mind.

LexisNexis is offering Authors Guild members an 80% discount on a yearly subscription (a savings of over $950 annually). Get access to its massive news archives and current material, as well as free one-on-one help from a research expert in learning how to make the most of its stories and a source-locating database. This is the only opportunity freelance writers have to benefit from LexisNexis.

JSTOR provides Authors Guild members with a 25% savings on access to more than 2,000 scholarly journals.

Scrivener and Scapple offer Authors Guild members 20% off software created for writers by writers to help manage drafting your manuscript.

Poets & Writers Magazine is offering members a discounted rate of 75% off subscriptions.

Publishers Weekly is offering members a discount on print + digital or digital format subscriptions. Members save an additional $30 off the normal subscription price.

Litographs is offering AG members 10% off beautiful, one-of-a-kind literary scarves printed with the text of your book.

Bookshop provides authors with the opportunity to become affiliates and earn 10% of every purchase made from their Bookshop sales, while a matching 10% will go to independent bookstores.

Dell is providing Guild members with savings of up to 30%-40% off the everyday price of Dell systems and Dell branded electronics and accessories.

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