Enrolling Your Books in Back in Print

To enroll your book(s) in the Back in Print program, use the forms and materials described below to begin the process. Note: Due to technical limitations, we can only accept prose books with plainly formatted text. Examples of books we cannot accept include cookbooks, children’s picture books, and textbooks.

To enroll your book(s) in Back in Print:

  • Complete the participating author agreement.
  • Complete the W-9.
  • Complete the metadata form. This form allows you to provide information that will be included on retailer sites, such as the book description and author biography. Note: You are required to supply an ISBN for each format your book will be in (one for ebook and an additional one for POD). You will need to purchase your ISBNs independently at myidentifiers.com. ISBNs cost $125 when purchased individually, but may be less expensive when purchased in bulk.
  • Complete the cover design form. This form allows you to provide instructions to our cover designer on how you’d like your book’s new cover to look. If you are not having the Guild design your cover, you will need to open this form and select "I'm having a cover designed independently."
  • Provide proof of your rights reversion.
  • Provide proof of any permissions.
  • Provide a source material for your title. This can be a physical copy of a previous edition in good condition (so that it scans well), a PDF scan of the book, or a Word file of the book. Please note that we will not be able to return physical copies of books (the scanning process destroys the books).
  • You may complete the revisions request form only if you want to request updates or revisions be made to your book.

You must be an Authors Guild member in good standing to be eligible for participation in Back in Print.

When we receive all of these materials from you and have ensured that nothing is missing or needs revision (we’ll contact you if that’s the case), we’ll review your source material to determine the cost of creating your book(s) and email you an invoice for it. Please see below for more information on fees.

Payments for Back in Print services:

  • A one-time fee of $250/title for ongoing service and support from Authors Guild staff.
  • If you are requesting that the Guild design a cover for your book, you will be charged an additional $250/title.
  • You will also be charged a fee for the creation of your new ebook and/or POD book. Production costs are based on page count; whether you want an ebook, POD book, or both created; the book’s formatting; and other factors. The Guild will need to review your source material before we can determine your book’s production costs. Please see the Overview of Production Costs and Options for more information.

We’ll email an invoice to you for the applicable above costs after we’ve received and reviewed all of your enrollment materials. The email will include instructions on how to send us a payment.

After we’ve received your materials and payment:

  • The cover design form is sent to the designer to create the ebook cover / POD front cover. You will be sent the cover for review and can request one round of revisions.
  • Your materials will be sent to IPG, which will begin the process of creating your book files. IPG may take up to a month to create your book files.
  • You will be sent the book files for review once they are completed. You will be able to request corrections for any errors that were introduced during the creation of the book files. Note: at this point, IPG would charge an additional fee to address any requests for new changes. Please see the Overview of Production Options and Costs for more information on the fees for revisions.
  • After you have approved your book files, the back cover and spine of your POD book will be designed. You will be able to review this and can request one round of revisions.
  • The completed book and cover files are then sent to IPG for distribution. Processing for distribution takes at least 10 weeks, after which time your book will be made available for sale on online retailer sites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Books-A-Million, Indigo, Hastings, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Bookazine, Follett, Brodart, and Powell’s, as well as inclusion in IndieBound and Above the Treeline. This network provides access to 50,000 libraries and thousands of book stores through the U.S., Canada, and the world.
  • Authors receive 80% of net royalties, less printing costs for POD books.
  • Authors can order copies at their unit price (plus shipping and handling, and credit card processing fees). Orders should be placed through the Guild by contacting us at ebooks@authorsguild.org.

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