Use this information to get an estimate of the production costs for your book.

You will have the option to select ebook, print-on-demand, or both.

You can submit the following source materials: Word, PDF, or physical book. You can also submit an existing ebook to be turned into a print-on-demand book.

Process Overview

When we’ve received all of your enrollment materials, we’ll review the source material (a physical or digital copy of the book that you want to enroll in Back in Print) you provided and will email you an invoice based on the guidelines below. This invoice may also include the $250/title Back in Print services and support fee, the $250/title cover design fee, and a $40/title fee charged by IPG for editorial work in addition to the production costs they charge to create your book files (detailed below). After you’ve sent your payment, we’ll send your materials to IPG so they can begin working on your book files.

You will need to independently purchase an ISBN for each format your book will be in (one for ebook and another one for POD). ISBNs can be purchased from and each cost $125 (lower prices are offered for bulk purchases).

If you supply us with a physical copy of your book, we’ll scan it in-house and create a PDF file of it at no additional cost. Please note that this will require us to cut the spine off of your book, and that we will not be able to return the book to you. And be sure that the pages of the book you send us are clean and legible. The process of converting a scan of the book into an editable text file will result in errors if the software can’t easily determine what characters are on the page.

IPG has provided the following estimates for their production time:

  • Ebook conversion will take 5–15 business days.
  • Print-file creation will take 5–15 business days.


You’ll be provided with an invoice before we proceed with creating your book files or cover. (Please note that you’ll be able to cancel your enrollment application if you decide that the cost is too high or for any other reason.)

Costs vary from $0.75 to $1.50 per page, depending on a variety of factors:

  • The formatting complexity of the source material
  • The quality of the source material (scan quality, page quality of physical books)
  • Choice of formats you want created
  • The amount of revisions you request after the files have been created
  • Indexing, including updating page numbers
  • Hyperlinking
  • Non-English or special characters


You can have your book edited, revised, or updated using the Revision Request form. For example, you may want to include a new foreword in your book or fix a typo that’s present in your source material. Please note that content you add to your book may increase the complexity and page count and, therefore, the cost of making your book files.

IPG charges a $40 fee that covers basic revisions as well as OCR corrections. For substantial or complicated revisions requested after the book files have been created, IPG might require a higher fee of $90 or more per book.


Physical books and PDFs need to undergo OCR, or optical character recognition. This is the process by which images (scans of book pages) are converted into editable text files. The Quality of OCR is tied to factors such as the clarity of the source material and the original font used.

For example, an error that may come up is the word “clear” in the source material being changed to “dear” in the new book files.

Authors will still need to review their ebook and POD files to find any remaining OCR errors and submit request forms to have them revised. These revisions are covered in the $40 basic revision fee that IPG requires.


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