As a member of the Authors Guild, you’re entitled to our legal services, web services, access to all of our seminars and member events, our member directory, the Back in Print program, our quarterly Bulletin, and more. You can find out about all we offer by following the links below.

Legal Services

Our experienced legal team offers reviews of publishing (including e-publishing), agency, and other book-related contracts—at no cost to members. We’ll also provide suggestions for negotiating strategies and, if necessary, intervene in publishing disputes. Our familiarity with industry standards improves our members’ negotiating strength, leading to better, more author-friendly contracts.

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Seminars & Events

We hold seminars, panels, and social gatherings throughout the year to keep authors connected and up-to-date on the business and legal side of writing.

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Web Services

Members of the Authors Guild have access to various web services, including website hosting, domain name registration, personalized e-mail accounts, and our free or low-cost website building service.

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Member Profiles

Connect with Authors Guild members. Member profiles are *opt in* so only those members who have chosen to be listed are included.

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Member Resource List

Our member resource list features directories, listings, and organizations that may be useful to authors, including copyright, publishing, publicity and agent information.

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The Bulletin

The Authors Guild Bulletin is a quarterly publication covering the latest in publishing, copyright, legal, and legislative news.

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Back in Print

The Authors Guild is partnering with Open Road Integrated Media to let Guild members republish their out-of-print titles as e-books and print-on-demand editions through the Back in Print program. We’ll be accepting new titles in the fall. More details are coming soon.

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Media Liability Insurance

Protect yourself against claims of libel, invasion of privacy, copyright/trademark infringement, plagiarism, and errors & omissions with media liability insurance through AXIS PRO. Under most publishing agreements, you the author are personally liable for such claims, and even if the publisher’s insurance will cover the claim, you will likely be liable for the deductible, which can be very high.

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Dental Insurance

CIGNA dental plans are available through TEIGIT for members under the age of 65. Health insurance can be obtained through the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace.

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