Student Membership provides resources, information, and community to college and graduate students dedicated to the pursuit of a writing career.

Writers face unique challenges in today’s publishing environment. On one hand, there are fewer barriers to entry than ever before. On the other, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. A career as a writer is difficult to build, and the publishing industry can seem intimidating and unwelcoming.

Student Membership gives student writers access to many of the resources that the Authors Guild provides, including educational seminars, networking opportunities, exclusive discounts, and more. Additionally, writers who join as members support the Authors Guild’s tireless advocacy for the rights of their fellow authors, helping to preserve a sustainable future for every writer.


The Student Membership category is for college and graduate students enrolled part-time or full-time who are interested in pursuing writing professionally in the future.

Student Membership is $35 per year.

If you have additional questions about the application process, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question or concern has already been addressed.

By joining as a student, you are making an investment in a lifelong commitment to your writing, starting today.



  • MEDIA LIABILITY INSURANCE: Through our partnership with Dinghy/NSM Insurance group, members can get affordable media liability insurance, which protects against claims of libel, invasion of privacy, copyright/trademark infringement, plagiarism, and errors & omissions.
  • WRITERS MARKETPLACE: The Writers Marketplace allows members who have unique skills and experience in the publishing industry to promote their services to other members and to the general public.
  • SUPPLEMENTAL HEALTH INSURANCE: Our partnership with LIG Solutions provides members with concierge services to identify and obtain the best ACA healthcare solution as well as dental, vision, critical care, or other supplemental insurances that you may need.


  • SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS, & EVENTSWe host educational webinars and in-person panels throughout the year. Topics include marketing, financial literacy for authors, paths to publication, contracts, and more.
  • THE BULLETIN: The Authors Guild Bulletin is our biannual publication covering the latest in publishing and legislative news and featuring interviews with published authors, transcripts of panels, essays on the writing life, member news, and more.
  • WRITERS’ RESOURCE LIBRARY: Membership includes access to the Writers’ Resource Library, with articles, forms and other resources to help you find and work with an agent, self-publish, pitch your book, understand what to expect from your publisher, work with book stores, maximize speaking engagements, create a reader following, and more.


  • REGIONAL CHAPTERS: Our regional chapters allow our members to connect with each other across the country and foster local community. Chapter ambassadors put together a variety of events throughout the year including meet-and-greets, potlucks, panel discussions, and readings, so that members have more opportunities to engage in person with other writers.
  • MEMBERS COMMUNITY: The Members Community is a meeting place and a forum for discussion. From conversations about craft, to discussions about the business of writing and industry news, our online community allows authors to connect from the comfort of their homes.

The Guild supports its members through every step of their journeys. As students grow as writing professionals, they may upgrade their membership to reflect their changing status. Emerging Writer Membership includes additional benefits, such as low-cost web services, while Associate and Regular Memberships—available once you have freelance work, a contract offer from an established publisher or agent, or earn significant writing income—allows writers to take advantage of contract reviews and other legal services, as well as press passes.

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