More than 23 million "consumer accounts" are eligible to receive refunds from the $166 million pool of money put up by the defendant publishers who settled with the DOJ in the Apple e-book price-fixing case, Publishers Weekly reports.

Those refunds may add up to a mini-stimulus package for the book industry, since only 48,124 of those eligible for refunds opted to get a check instead of a credit to their account. That will leave well over 23 million customers with credits they can use to buy print or digital books.

Citing as a source Rust Consulting, the firm retained to administer the settlement fund, PW reports that, "23,073,840 customers of Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, and Sony have been directly notified via e-mail or by postcard that they are eligible to participate in the settlement."

A second round of refunds will depend on the outcome of a trial to determine monetary damages Apple must pay, which is scheduled for May 2014.