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The Authors Guild Foundation presents a new online course in collaboration with Lisa Weinert

The Age of the Storyteller

Welcome to the Age of the Storyteller. Unlike any other online course on the market, this course is designed to empower you with the practical tools you need to launch your book, while keeping the creative experience and your lifestyle to the center of the process.

Because every book publication is different, we’ve brought in 21 stellar, leading professionals from all different perspectives in the industry to cover a range of scenarios and situations. We have engaging discussions about best practices for bringing your book to market.

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Topics include:

  • How to treat your book project like a startup
  • Learn how to build an audience
  • Where to look and what questions to consider when choosing a publishing path
  • Social media best practices
  • PR materials, media lists, and author events
  • Beyond the launch, reader engagement in the long term

This course is free, available to the public, and is being offered through Teachable, which provides dynamic video led online courses.

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Lisa Weinert is a veteran book publicist and the creator of the Narrative Healing: Unlock the Power of Storytelling program at Kriplau Center for Yoga and Health. She currently teaches a publishing course at Wesleyan University.