Reprints Out-of-Print Titles by Guild Members

The Guild’s service makes out-of-print works available through online bookstores and the nation’s largest book wholesaler. There is no charge for members to participate, for most titles.

The Service. Print-on-demand publisher iUniverse prepares a digital file from physical copies of the original edition. This digital file is accessed by printers that can produce a number of books corresponding to those ordered. Online bookstores maintain current reporting of titles through Ingram’s online catalog, to which iUniverse issues regular inventory updates. Traditional bookstores consult Ingram’s catalog when making special orders.

The Books. produces quality trade paperbacks, with original cover designs and perfect bindings. Among the first to make available were works by Thornton Wilder, Lawrence Block, William F. Buckley, Jr., Victor Navasky, Mary McCarthy, and theater critic Stuart Little. Since the program’s inception members have reprinted more than 1,000 titles, including resource guides, academic books, cookbooks, and books of regional interest, which have garnered steady sales. iUniverse provides new ISBNs for these books, which sell for about $10 to $20.

Availability. The books are available to readers at and as well as at,, and every other Internet bookstore.

Royalties. pays authors a royalty of 20% of net receipts for On-Demand Books (roughly equivalent to a royalty of 15% of the list price).

Rights. Authors grant print rights to Should a traditional publisher wish to reprint a book (or for any other reason), authors may retrieve their publication rights on 30 days’ notice. will have the non-exclusive right to sell a book for 10 months after that 30-day period.

Eligibility. Only books that have been previously published by an established U.S. publishing house (no vanity presses) are eligible. Authors must have a reversion of rights for a title to be eligible for the service. The service is available only to Authors Guild members.

Cost to Authors. Free in most cases.

To Get Started. Visit to find out how to get started with your out of print book.