Guild to Call for National Digital Library in Congressional Testimony Today

Jan Constantine, General Counsel of the Authors Guild, is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee this afternoon on mass digitization of books and so-called orphan works. Those topics, of course, are at the heart of two Guild lawsuits, Authors Guild v. Google and Authors Guild v. HathiTrust.  An advance copy of Jan’s written testimony is available below.

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  • linda hunt

    Thanks for your work. However, nothing it seems helps me save my book from the websites that are now offering the entire book FREE by download…one even is selling an ebook. I have tried numerous times to stop this using your advice. One goes down, three more pop up. This I estimate has cost me thousands of dollars…can’t get paperback version since why should publisher spend money to publish when people can download it free! So what good is Congress or this lawsuit if websites can do what they want with a book…my property, my copyright, but they’re making money off it and I can’t seem to stop it.

  • JimT

    Thank you for proposing a possible solution to this very real problem. Have you estimated the startup and ongoing costs of the collective management organization, and the associated regulatory oversight? Who would pay these costs?