Critical Dates

January 5, 2009: Notice is mailed to rightsholders around the world and published in newspapers and magazines. A preliminary list of books covered by the settlement becomes available to rightsholders.

September 4, 2009: The last day to opt out of the settlement as a whole. The online list of books covered by the settlement is final.

October 7, 2009: A court hearing will take place to determine the fairness of the settlement.

January 5, 2010: The claims filing deadline.

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  • Bmiles

    Hurray!  And thanks to AG for hanging in.

  • Tristine Rainer

    Thank heavens that angels like The Author’s Guild and Scott Turow are on the side of besieged authors.

  • Mark Monmonier

    Thanks for tracking the Google lawsuit, Scott. But what about the other copyright lawsuit–the one on Can you or someone on the Authors Guild legal staff offer an informed opinion on how that that might play out?

  • Mary E. Lyons

    When the Google Books mess started years ago, I wrote to every university librarian who had made a deal with the devil, forbidding them to scan my books. As more universities signed on with Google, I couldn’t keep up. 

    I’d really like to see these university librarians–who are charged with protecting knowledge and who earn enormous salaries compared to most writers–held accountable for their part in the scanning crime. Meanwhile, let’s hear it for Judge Chin.

  • Candace Dempsey

    You are my hero, Scott. I’ve always loved your writing and now I have one more big reason to buy your books. Here’s hoping you publish another one soon. You had me at One L. 

    You are sending a wonderful message to all authors. Don’t just take it. Stand up and fight. 

  • Martharoth

    Huzzah!  Denny Chin has shown the world an honest judge.

  • JLC


  • Karengravelle

    Thank God for the Authors Guild! Best bang for the buck in the world. 

  • Penney Peirce

    I’m so happy AG is pursuing this rigorously; hopefully a win will give us some leverage with the other rogue sites where I’ve found my books in pdf form offered for free. . .

  • Cortez Sarah

    I also applaud AG and Scott for taking a strong stand against a ludicrous and illegal manuever that has the potential, if not stopped, to hurt all authors.
    Sarah Cortez

  • MP

    Thank you Scott! Google’s scanning and subsequent online availability of a research book of mine, initially published with a very low print-run (5,000), and in which I had disclosed some past drug use (because the book targeted a very small, specialized audience of researchers for whom the information was relevant), has rendered me virtually unemployable. Now when an employer googles my name, results immediately show the quotes straight from the book, which was never destined for this broad, immediate access.
    Not only is it copyright infringement, but it has made my life much more complicated.

  • Robert woodcox

    Go get um AG and Scot!!!!!

  • Vicki Cobb

    Thank you, Authors Guild.  As a children’s book author, where some of the scans are almost half the book, way beyond “fair use,” I applaud these hard-won efforts.