Monthly Archives: December 2013

Along Publishers Row

by Campbell Geeslin

When wintry days whistle in, it’s time to reach for Nicolai V. Gogol’s The Overcoat. Next to a warm fire, there’s nothing more satisfying than a vodka-sized shot of Russian literature.

The boisterous wind “cut his face like a knife, covering it with lumps of snow, swelling out his collar like a sail.”

A priest told Gogol that he must renounce his literary work and enter a monastery. He replied, “Not to write means the same to me as not to live.”

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NY Times Looks at Books and Magazines in Digital Transition

We were struck by the appearance in today’s New York Times of two prominently placed stories about media in transition. Both are well worth reading.

Dave Streitfeld explores the enduring appeal of the traditional book in the digital era.

“Even as the universe of printed matter continues to shrivel, the book — or at least some of its best-known features — is showing remarkable staying power online. The idea is apparently embedded so deeply in the collective unconsciousness that no one can bear to leave it behind.”

Writing that “efforts to reimagine the core experience of the book have stumbled,” Streitfeld notes that a number of tech startups that have tried to incorporate social networking or multimedia into books have either gone out of business or been forced to change their business model.

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New Books by Members

This week’s recent and upcoming releases by Authors Guild members include titles by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Allan Cole, Michael Connelly, Christine Duval, C. Herbert Gilliland, Debbie Levy, Jacquelyn Mitchard, James Muench, Andrea M. Nelson-Royes, Deborah Raney, Doreen Rappaport, Albert Russo, Marilyn Singer, and Kevin Underhill. Titles under the jump.

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